Lubrication pumps

Feed your material clean and reliably with DOPAG

DOPAG has completely reengineered its product range inthe area of drum pumps suiting the needs of its customers specifically having grease application in mind. The DOPAG lubriLine drum pumps are featuring double acting ball valve or chop check pumps. They feed single component media such as greases and oils from NLGI0 to NLGI3 directly and clean from original containers. DOPAG drum pumps have prooved themselves useful as central material supply systems as well as supplying single stations. DOPAG drum pumps are manufactured as modular, robust and fail-safe, as well as remarkably service and maintenance friendly.

Product features

  • Modular components configuration
  • 1- or 2- hand operaton
  • Ball or chop check pumps
  • Double acting, fast change-ober air motor (63 or 100)
  • Flow rate up to 1.2 litres/minute
  • Pressure ratio up to 30:1

Pump Configuration with the DOPAG ID Generator

Our ID Generator allows you to configure your pump in a single step and create its identification code instantly. Using the code, you can order your new pump directly or request a quotation.

Click here and create your specific lubriLine pump!

Technical Specifications

Basis Version P30-LL P80-LL P200-LL
1-hand operation X X X
2-hand security operation X X X
Pressure ratio
(Drive 10:1/100mm)
10:1 / 30:1 10:1 / 30:1 10:1 / 30:1
Flow rate (at 40 double strokes)
1.2 1.2 1.2
Material viscosity
(Ball valve/Chop check valve)
0-2/0-3 0-2 / 0-3 0-2 / 0-3
Working pressure (Drive 63/100 mm)
10-60 / 30-180 10-60 / 30-180 10-60 / 30-180
Basis version
Air consumption (Drive 63/100mm)
110 /270 110 / 270 110 / 270
Dimensions base plate (A x B)
600 x 550 600 x 550 900 x 600
Height when lifter not extended (C)
997 1170 1440
Height when lifter extended (C)
1481 1900 2450
Maximum container height
460 750 880
Maximum container size
30 80 200
Maximum external container Ø
444 444 575

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