Flow meter

Gear-based flow meter for the highest accuracy in dosing applications

Volumetric flow meters monitor the volume flow of liquids based on the gear principle. The measuring unit is constructed for highest accuracy with precisely fitted gears. The rotation of the measuring unit is precisely detected by a contactless signal sensor system and then converted into digital signals.

In the sections in which they are completely enclosed by the housing walls, the tooth gaps of the measuring unit gears form measuring unit chambers which digitalise the flow depending on their chamber volume.

Technical Specifications

Flow meter   0.1 0.4 1.6 4.0
Pulse volume cm² 0.101 0.406 1.622 4.06
Measuring range l/min 0.05 - 6 0.2 - 18 0.5 - 54 1.2 - 100
Working pressure bar 250 250 200 200
max. working pressure bar 400 400 315 315
max. permissible pressure
difference for plain bearings
bar 40 40 40 40
max. permissible pressure
difference for ball bearings
bar 10 10 10 10

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