Dosing systems for durable surface protection of composite materials

Since composite components are exposed to extreme environmental influences, e.g. through their use in automotive and aircraft construction, appropriate surface protection is necessary. This is either applied to the composite material as a gel coat or applied beforehand as an In-Mould Gelcoat. This means that the surface protection is applied in the mould, e.g. before the Infusion or RTM process.

Correct application of Gelcoat is critical for its optimum performance as a protective layer. DOPAG has developed a special metering and mixing system gelcomix for Gelcoat applications in rotor blade production. It is used to process two-component material - either epoxy resin or polyurethane - which is then manually applied onto the mould surface.

Metering system for Gelcoat applications

  1. gelcomix


    The systems of the gelcomix product range are compact and solvent free gear pump driven metering and mixing systems.

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